Faculty of Social Sciences

Recent Submissions

  • Fako, T.T.; Miti, K.; Mogalakwe, K.M. (Research and Development Unit, University of Botswana, http://archive.lib.msu.edu/DMC/African%20Journals/pdfs/PULA/pula007001/pula007001002.pdf, 1991)
    This volume of Pula consists of a selection of papers from the Twelveth Southern African Universities Social Science Conference (SAUSSC) which was held at the University of Botswana between the 3rd and 7th July, 1989. The ...
  • Vasudeva, R.; Divanji, G. (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, http://epubs.siam.org, 2006)
    Let (X(t), t ≥ (0) with X(0) = 0 be a stable subordinator with index 0 < α < 1 and let (tk) be an increasing sequence such that tk+1/tk → ∞ as k → ∞. Let (at) be a positive nondecreasing function of t such that a(t)/t ...
  • Fako, T. (Botswana Society, http://www.jstor.org/stable/40979677, 1983)
    There has been sufficient concern in Botswana about the family that it has become a subject of several radio debates and panel discussions. Recently, a National Law Reform Committee was set up to look into, among other ...
  • Fako, T.T.; Forcheh, N. (Taylor & Francis, www.taylorandfrancis.com, 2000)
    In this paper the authors examines the extent of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction in a national sample of 325 nurses working in hospitals, clinics and health posts in Botswana. The analyses explored the effects of ...
  • Fako, T.T.; Linn, J.G.; Brown, B.E. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, www.vlib.ustu.ru/storon/kluwer, 2000)
    The transfer of new health technology to South Africa is occurring despite the fact that North American and European health care planners and entrepreneurs have a very limited understanding of traditional Black South African ...


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