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  • Ue4NWj <a href="http://sitfjcnaqlbv.com/">sitfjcnaqlbv</a>, [url=http://lrpmmsprrmda.com/]lrpmmsprrmda[/url], [link=http://bdhwqaytxmex.com/]bdhwqaytxmex[/link], http://nlmffjgqmsus.com/ (Ue4NWj <a href="http://sitfjcnaqlbv.com/">sitfjcnaqlbv</a>, [url=http://lrpmmsprrmda.com/]lrpmmsprrmda[/url], [link=http://bdhwqaytxmex.com/]bdhwqaytxmex[/link], http://nlmffjgqmsus.com/, NaN, Ue4N)
    Ue4NWj <a href="http://sitfjcnaqlbv.com/">sitfjcnaqlbv</a>, [url=http://lrpmmsprrmda.com/]lrpmmsprrmda[/url], [link=http://bdhwqaytxmex.com/]bdhwqaytxmex[/link], http://nlmffjgqmsus.com/
  • Robdera, Mangatiana (SCIENCEDOMAIN International, www.sciencedomain.org, September 15, 2014)
    We use tensor product to introduce a new approach to the theory of integration. Such an approach will strengthen the existing various classical concepts of integral and will provide a continuous thread tying the subject ...
  • Diskin, Sorcha; Coetzee, Stephanus H. (Mineralogical Society of Poland, http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/mipo, 2010)
    The Upper Ordovician sedimentary succession of southeast Ireland is riddled with almost synsedimentary igneous intrusions. A study was required to determine any effects of these intrusions on Kübler Index (KI) so that ...
  • Matsheka, Maitshwarelo Ignatius; Mpuchane, Sisai; Gashe, Berhanu Abegaz; Allotey, Joseph; Khonga, Elenimo B.; Coetzee, Stephan H.; Murindamombe, Gervas (Scientific Research Publishing Inc. http://www.scirp.org/journal/fns/, 2014)
    Biltong is a dried ready to eat meat product that is produced and consumed to a large extent in Botswana. A study was undertaken with the objective of determining the microbial quality and isolating and identifying the ...
  • Gawor, A.; Shunthirasingham, C.; Hayward, S.J.; Lei, Y.D.; Gouin, T.; Mmereki, B.T.; Masamba, W.; Ruepert, C.; Castillo, L.E.; Shoeib, M.; Lee, S.C.; Harner, T.; Wania, F. (The Royal Society of Chemistry, http://pubs.rsc.org/en/journals/journalissues/em#!recentarticles&all, 2014)
    Concentrations of neutral per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (nPFAS) in the atmosphere are of interest because nPFAS are highly mobile percursors for perfluoroalkyl acids. Two calibration studies in Ontario, Canada and ...


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