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  • Flouris, A.D.; Poulianiti, K.P.; Chorti, M.S.; Jamurtas, A.Z.; Kouretas, D.; Owolabi, E.O.; Tsatzarakis, M.N.; Tsatsakis, A.M. (Elsevier,, October, 2012)
    The World Health Organisation called for research assessing the safety of electronic cigarette (e-cigarette). We evaluated the acute effect of active and passive e-cigarette and tobacco cigarette smoking on complete blood ...
  • Shehu, J (Taylor & Francis,, May, 2009)
    Critical incidents of peer provocation in physical education were investigated among 675 junior secondary school students in Botswana. Data were generated through a brief, open-ended questionnaire requesting the students ...
  • Malete, L.; Sullivan, P.; Matthies, B. K. (Fitness Information Technology, Inc., March, 2008)
    This study examined the relationship between physical self-perception and the involvement of Jamaican youths in sport and physical activity. A sample of 1052 high school students aged between 12 and 19 years completed a ...
  • Mokgothu, C.J.; Adegbesan, O.A. (African Educational Research Network (AERN),, June, 2009)
    This study provides information on the psychological and sociocultural correlates of motor skill development of athletes in Botswana. Seventy-three (73) student athletes were sampled on a psycho-sociocultural and motor ...
  • Paschalis, V.; Nikolaidis, M.G.; Giakas, G.; Jamurtas, A.J.; Owolabi, E.O.; Koutedakis, Y. (Springer Verlag,, January 3, 2008)
    The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the effects of a repeated eccentric exercise on position sense and muscle reaction angle. Fourteen healthy women underwent an isokinetic exercise session on their ...


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