Research articles (Dept of Languages & Social Sciences Education)


Recent Submissions

  • Boaduo, Nana A.; Shaibu, Sheila (African Education Research Network,, December, 2006)
    Senior citizens (pensioners) have been known by society to be people who have exhausted their worth and wealth of expertise and knowledge and for that matter have no role to play or have no further contribution to make ...
  • Mafela, L.; Maundeni, T.; Mookodi, G. (African Journals Online,, January, 2011)
    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses, key issues related to Botswana's socio-economic development policies and practices including the importance of cultural heritage, the concept of national dress ...
  • Jotia, A.L. (David Publishing Company,, July, 2011)
    This paper addresses the fact that although globalization cannot be resisted by the nation-state, it is often confronted by mixed reactions from both the GN (Global North) and the GS(Global South). The essay charges that ...
  • Jotia, A.L. (David Publishing,, March, 2012)
    The research project presented here examined the concept of citizenship education in the context of cultural studies in Botswana’s lower primary level which is from standard one to four. Cultural studies as a discipline ...
  • Jotia, A.L. (African Journals Online,, 2011)
    In order for democracy to be sustained in any state, it is fundamentally crucial that the education system should teach citizens about democracy and how to participate in the democratic process. Participation in the ...


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