Family and Consumer Science (formerly Home Economics Education)


The community has with effect from August 2015 changed name from Home Economics Education to Family Health and Consumer Sciences. This in line with the re-naming of the Department by the University. All materials deposited in this community prior to August 2015 belonged to the Home Economics Education Department

Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • Maruapula, S.D.; Motlhoiwa, K.; Shaibu, S.; Wrotniak, B.H.; Jackson, J.; Compher, C.W. (JO,, February, 2013)
    The purpose of this study was to examine linkages between obesity, physical activity, and body image dissatisfaction, with consideration of socioeconomic status (SES) and urbanization in adolescents in Botswana. Materials ...
  • Disele, P.L.P.; Tyler, D.J.; Power, E.J. (JSDA,, January, 2011)
    The government of Botswana through its National Policy on' Culture (2001) and the National Ecotourism Strategy (2002) is committed to preserving national culture and historical heritage. The policy stipulates that ...
  • Gobagoba, M.R.; Littrell, M.A. (CTRJ,, June, 2003)
    The purpose of this research was to develop a profile of micro apparel enterprises in Botswana and to examine the profile for cross-cultural applicability in relation to small business scholarship. Field interviews with ...
  • Disele, P.L.P.; Peters, S.; Masoloko, T.; Shumba, A. (Office of Research and Development, University of Botswana;, 2001)
    The new millennium has come but we are not healthy: the Human Immuno-deficiency VIruS (HIV) IS taking its toll. It is critical for everyone to find ways of coping with this problem, along side campaigns to eradicate the ...
  • Maruapula, S.D.; Jackson, J.C.; Holsten, J.; Shaibu, S.; Malete, L.; Wrotniak, B.; Ratcliffe, S.J.; Mokone, G.G.; Stettler, N.; Compher, C. (PHN,, August, 2011)
    Objective: To describe patterns of food consumption associated with overweight\obesity (OW/OB) and their links to socio-economic status (SES) and urbanization. Design: A nationwide cross-sectional survey. Setting: Secondary ...


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