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  • Yanev, K.M. (University of Botswana,, 2007)
    By the turn of the century, Botswana will be 34 years old as an independent nation. Reflecting on the past, is a background of tremendous achievements from a socio-economic development perspective. The achievements could ...
  • Yanev, K.M.; Obok Opok, A.; Litchev, A. (University of Botswana,, 2004)
    Maintenance of the proper power factor is a very important matter for the industry and for the economy of any country. A study of the power factor value for a number of industrial plants in Botswana shows that they operate ...
  • Rao, M.V.C. (University of Botswana,, 2000)
    This paper describes a new method of determining the feedback coefficients in a state variable feedback system, given the closed loop transfer function, making use of the transfer function between different and relevant ...
  • Chuma, J.M. (University of Botswana, 2006)
    A dielectric loaded rectangular cavity for the design and realisation of different elliptic function filters topologies is presented. The 3-D Transmission Linee modelling method (TLM) is applied to the analysis of the ...
  • Litchev, A.I.; Yanev, K.M. (University of Botswana, 1999)
    Electromagnets are essentials for the operation of relays, contactors and other electromagnetic apparatus and take part in driving control and protective circuits of industrial processes and power systems. Performance of ...


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