Research articles (Dept of African Lang & Lit)


Recent Submissions

  • Mekgwe, P. (Routledge (Taylor and francis),, 2010)
    The growing body of literature authored by women in Africa and the African Diaspora over the past four decades has been accompanied by vigorous debates out of which has evolved a body of theories pertaining to African ...
  • Mekgwe, P.; Smith, A.M. (Indiana University Press,, 2006)
    Acclaimed Edinburgh-based author Alexander McCall Smith is a professor of Medical Law and a prolific fiction writer. He has written over fifty books. It is, however, with the fictional character Ma-Ramotswe that his name ...
  • Rasebotsa, N.L.; Lederer, M.S. (Indiana University Press,, 2010)
    This paper examines how place is represented in two Botswana novels, Far and Beyon’ by Unity Dow and The Victims by Mositi Torontle. Conventional notions of rural as the “authentic” experience that is threatened by ...
  • Alimi, M.M. (University of Botswana, Department of English,, 2008)
    This paper examines the morphological and syntactic differences between English and Setswana pronouns, and how these differences manifest in students usage of English learners may be assisted to become more proficient in ...
  • Chebanne, A. (University of Botswana, Office of Research and Development,, 1996)
    Our motivation and inspiration to undertake this aspect of the phonology of Setswana is derived from research in Setswana phonology by Creissels (Notes, 1991-1992) and from the Bantu languages phonology by Bastin (1983). ...


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