Recent Submissions

  • van Waarden, Catrien; Mosothwane, Morongwa N. (South African Archaeological Society, http://www.archaeologysa.co.za, 2013)
    We report on a rare northern Leopard's Kopje grave in Botswana of a male from a small settlement, who, nonetheless, was buried with nine pots and many trade beads. The set of whole and decorated pots with traces of the ...
  • Mosothwane, Morongwa N. (Botswana Society, http://www.botsoc.org.bw, 2011)
    The wide spread presence of Late Stone Age (LSA) and Early Iron Age (EIA) communities such as at the Tsodilo Hills, Matlapaneng, Serondela, Qogana, and other sites have been documented in Ngamiland, nofthwestetn Botswana ...
  • Mosothwane, Morongwa N. (University of Botswana, www.ub.bw, 2001)
    In and around the Makgadikgadi Pans there are several archaeological sites that have been interpreted as places were initiation rites took place in ancient times. But how can one tell they were initiation sites? This paper ...
  • Makgala, C.J. (Botswana Society / www.botsoc.org.bw, 2006)
    This article demonstrates that while Adolf Hitler's Nazis were busy persecuting Jews in Germany there was an attempt made by the colonial authorities in Botswana, South Africa and Britain to settle some Jewish refugees in ...
  • Parsons, N. (Research and Development Unit, University of Botswana, http://www.ub.bw, 1997)
    This article is about the way people of Tswana origin related with non Tswana speaking people and how they referred to them. It talks about how some of the non Tswana speaking people especially the Whites or Makgowa came ...


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