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Recent Submissions

  • Mothusi, B.; Dipholo, K.B. (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2008)
    This article argues that efforts by the Government of Botswana to embark on privatisation of some parastatals as well as contracting out the provision of certain services with the main intention of enhancing productivity ...
  • Molomo, M.G. (Routledge,, 2000)
    This paper discusses the relationship between the ruling party and opposition parties in the struggle to capture political power in Botswana. It demonstrates the resilience of the multi-party framework that is founded on ...
  • Somolekae, G.S. (Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies, 2000)
    This article is about the struggles of Batswana women to attain gender equality. The article traces women's exclusion from public decision-making much broadly as a fundamental feature of the Tswana patriachal structure. ...
  • Sebudubudu, D. (Botswana Society, 2003)
    Botswana is widely perceived as a succesful working democracy in Africa. What is striking about Botswana is that one party dominance over the past 36 years has not led to a proliferation of corruption as it did in most ...
  • Mokhawa, G.; Osei-Hwedie, B. (Botswana Society,, 2003)
    For a long time now, African countries have been demanding increased trade with the developed economies of the West as a means to promote economic development. 'Trade not aid,' has become the hallmark of this demand. ...


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