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  • Moleele, N.; Ringrose, S.; Arnberg, W.; Lunden, B.; Vanderpost, C. (Taylor and Francis, 2001)
    Considerable signi® cance is placed on the mapping and monitoring of degraded areas in semi-arid regions of the world, including Botswana. Degraded areas include those suVering from bush encroachment, believed to result ...
  • Meck, M.L.; Atlhopheng, J.; Masamba, W.R.L.; Ringrose, S.; Diskin, S. (Bentham Open,, 2011)
    This study set out to establish the major minerals at Dorowa and determine which of those are likely to host metals that may leach into surface and groundwater. This study comes after a preliminary assessment of the water ...
  • Meck, M.L.; Masamba, W.R.L.; Atlhopheng, J.; Ringrose, S. (Elsevier Science Ltd,, 2011)
    The objective of the study was to investigate the role played by the natural environment in protecting the transboundary Save River from the impacts of metals derived from phosphate mining at Dorowa. The study is a follow ...
  • Meck, M.L.; Atlhopheng, J.; Masamba, W.R.L.; Ringrose, S. (Elsevier Science Ltd,, 2010)
    The study set out to determine the weathering and dissolution of metal hosting minerals at Dorowa for purposes of deducing pollution potential to the nearby Save River. Phosphate rock is mined at Dorowa for the production ...


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