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  • Ongori, H. (Academic Journals,, January, 2009)
    Empowerment is a concept which is widely used in management and many managers and professionals in various claim to be practicing it. Nowadays empowerment has occupied a central point in many organisations of the 21st ...
  • Ongori, H.; Shunda, J.P.W. (Asian Network for Scientific Information,, 2008)
    The main objective of this study was to find out the strategies for success of employee empowerment in organisation to reduce employee turnover. In addition, the study focusses on the benefits and criticism of employee ...
  • Ongori, H. (Academic Journals,, 2009)
    The aim of this study was to find out the causes, types, effects and strategies on how to manage conflicts in organisations effectively to enhance organisational performance. Therefore, it is prime responsibility of ...
  • Ongori, H.; Agolla, J.E. (Academic Journals,, http://www.academicjournals, June, 2009)
    In this era of globalisation career plateau in organisations needs to be managed effectively to minimize employee's intention to quit. Many employees find themselves in jobs that offer them limited mobility opportunities ...


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