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  • Massamba, F. (Birkhäuser Basel., 2009)
    We investigate lightlike hypersurfaces of indefinite Sasakian manifolds, tangent to the structure vector field and whose screen distribution is integrable. We prove some results on parallel vector fields and on a leaf ...
  • Jain, P.K.; Lungu, E.M. (Elsevier Science Ltd:, 2002)
    Abstract Harmonic analysis of sunshine duration and solar irradiation measured at Sebele, Botswana is carried out. The data used consists of the monthly averages and the Julian-days averages of sunshine duration and solar ...
  • Gatsinzi, J-B.; Kwashira, R. (Nova Science Publishers, Inc.;; reprinted with permission from Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2007)
    Let X be a finite product of even dimensional spheres, we show that the string homology of X contains a finite product of copies of the Witt Lie algebra.
  • Prakash, J.; Ogulu, A. (Elsevier;, July, 2007)
    A mathematical model for the pulsatile blood flow in a small vessel in a cardiovascular system with a mild stenosis is analyzed. Blood is modeled as a power low fluid and the differential approximation for the heat flux ...
  • Koosimile, A.T. (Elsevier,, 2005)
    This paper focuses on teachers’ experiences with implementing a modified International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) physics syllabus in Botswana. The syllabus, characterised by a new organisational ...
  • Kumar, P.; Thangaraj, R.; Sathiaraj, T.S. (Springer Netherlands, 2008)
    The melt-quenched Sn10Sb20Se70 sample in the bulk form was used to prepare films on well-cleaned glass substrates by thermal evaporation method. The activation energy for glass transition (apparent) and crystallization has ...
  • Saab, P.; Robdera, M.A. (Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust,, 2011)
    Let G be a compact metrizable abelian group, and let X be a Banach space. We characterize convolution operators associated with a regular Borel X-valued measure of bounded semivariation that are compact (resp; weakly ...


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