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  • Robdera, Mangatiana A. (Science Domain International,, May 4, 2015)
    We revisit the definition of the tensor integrability introduced in [1], and prove some useful characterizations that provide a foundation for studying relevant properties to the integration theory. As applications, we ...
  • Robdera, Mangatiana A. (Science Domain International;, March 28, 2015)
    We give a non-metric version of the Besicovitch Covering Lemma and an extension of the Lebesgue-Differentiation Theorem into the setting of the integration theory of vector valued functions.
  • Robdera, Mangatiana A. (Science Domian International,, June 24, 2014)
    We introduce the notion of summable bases that naturally generalizes the notion of unconditional sequence bases for Banach spaces. We shall be particularly interested in some classical results on sequences and series in ...
  • Robdera, Mangatiana A. (International Journal of Modeling and Optimization,, August, 2014)
    We use an extended theory of integral that generalizes the integration of vector valued functions with respect to non-negative, monotonic,countably subadditive set functions, in order to introduce a new approach to stochastic ...
  • Robdera, Mangatiana A. (Pushpa Publishing House,, October, 2010)
    In this note, we propose a more efficient approach to the definition of the integral of Banach-valued functions that enables us to give an improved version of the Orlicz-Pettis theorem for integrals.


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