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  • Mbaveng, A.; Ngameni, B.; Kuete, V.; Simo, I.K.; Ambassa, P.; Roy, R.; Bezabili, M.; Etoa, F.X.; Ngadjui, B.; Abegaz, B.; Meyer, J.J.M.; Lall, N.; Beng, V.P. (Elsevier Ireland Ltd., 2008)
    The aim of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of the crude extract of the twigs of Dorstenia barteri (DBT) as well as that of four of the five flavonoids isolated from this extract. Gram-positive bacteria ...
  • Kuete, V.; Ngameni, B.; Tsafack, A.M.; Ambassa, P.; Simo, I.K.; Bezabih, M.; Etoa, F.; Ngadjui, BT; Abegaz, B.M.; Beng, V.P. (Pharmacologyonline., 2007)
    The crude extract from the twigs of Dorstenia elliptica (DET) as well one of the five compounds isolated from this extract namely O-[3-(2, 2-dimethyl-3-oxo-2H-furan-5-yl)-3- hydroxybutyl]bergaptol (5) were tested for ...
  • Abegaz, B.M.; Ngadjui, B.T.; Folefoc, G.N.; Fotso, S.; Ambassa, P.; Bezabih, M.; Dongo, E.; Rise, F.; Petersen, D. (Elsevier Ltd., 2003)
    A monoprenylated flavan and two monoterpenoid substituted furanocoumarins were isolated from the twigs of Dorstenia elliptica along with 3-(3,3-dimethylallyl)-4,20,40-trihydroxylchalcone, psoralen, bergapten, O-[3-(2,2- ...


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