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  • Goodwin, J.W.; Hughes, R.W.; Reynolds, P.A.; Kwaambwa, H.M. (Elsevier B.V., 2004)
    A series of well characterised cis-poly(isoprene) (PIP) polymers (Mw = 1180, 8000, 28 300, 31 500, 86 000, 115 000 and 130 000) have been added to dispersions of poly(12-hydroxystearic acid) (PHS) coated poly(methylmethacrylate) ...
  • Kwaambwa, H.M.; Goodwin, J.W.; Hughes, R.W.; Reynolds, P.A. (Elsevier B.V., 2007)
    Aseries of six well characterised homopolymers of cis-polyisoprene (PIP) ranging from 1180 to 115,000 molecular weight were utilised to explore viscosity and the scaling relationship between viscosity and concentration ...
  • Ddamba, W.A.A.; Mokate, O. (Journal of Solution Chemistry., 2006)
    Densities (ρ) of the binary systems of {difurylmethane+(ethanol or propan-1- ol or butan-1-ol or pentan-1-ol or hexan-1-ol)} have been measured with an Anton Paar DMA 4500 vibrating-tube densimeter over the entire ...
  • Ahmad, J.; Ddamba, W.A.A. (Chemic Publishing Co.,, 2006)
    The expression for mechanical work obtained in the expansion of a gas commonly used in physical chemistry textbooks is critically examined. The mathematical form of the first law of thermodynamics is arrived at by a procedure ...


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