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  • Masesane, I.B.; Yeboah, S.O.; Liebscher, J.; Mugge, C.; Abegaz, B.M. (Elsevier Science Ltd,, 2000)
    The twigs of Rhus pyroides yielded a novel bichalcone 2',40,21-trihydroxy-4',41-dimethoxy-4-O-51-bichalcone. It was identified on the basis of spectroscopic data including 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy. The name rhuschalcone-1 ...
  • Kapche, G.; Laatsch, H.; Fotso, S.; Kouam, S.; Wafo, P.; Ngadjui, B.; Abegaz, B. (Elsevier Ltd., 2007)
    The genus Lannea belongs to the family Anacardiaceae and consists of 40 species. Lannea nigritana (Sc. Elliot) Keay is a small tree of 3e6 m of height found in the tropical rain forest (Berhaut, 1971; Letouzey, 1972). It ...


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