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  • Temtime, Z.T.; Chinyoka, S.V.; Shunda, J.P.W. (Journal of Management Development; Emerald Group Publishing Limited;, 2004)
    There is a general consensus among public policy makers, academics and researchers that entrepreneurship is a vital route to economic advancement for both developed and developing economies. As a result, a host of small ...
  • Temtime, Z.T.; Pansiri, J. (Botswana Institute of Administration and Commerce (BIAC), May, 2006)
    Although the discovery of diamond has propelled Botswana from one of the poorest countries in 1966 to a middle-income developing nation, the country still faces the problems of economic diversification, employment creation, ...
  • Temtime, ZT (Botswana Institute of Administration and Commerce (BIAC), November, 2004)
    The number of new indigenous business start-ups in Botswana has significantly increased during the past two decades. Unfortunately, the majority of them are not successful. Over 70% of new start-ups fail during their first ...
  • Temtime, ZT (Botswana Institute of Administration and Commerce, November, 2005)
    Today's business environment is turbulent and requires firms, small or large, to be proactive and innovative rather than reactive and receptive if they are to survive and grow in it. Strategic awareness is a mental process ...


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