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  • Nenty, H.J. (African Education Research Network,, July, 2004)
    Creating knowledge is the most fundamental role of a university. All other roles like preserving, disseminating (through teaching and publications), and applying knowledge for community services, depend on this function. ...
  • Moswela, B.; Gobagoba, M. (Academic Journals:, April 10, 2014)
    This paper presents the results of a survey conducted to find out the extent to which teacher trainees understand and observe professional ethics. It also sought the contribution of the Faculty of Education and secondary ...
  • Mazile, B.M.; Commeyras, M. (International Reading Association,, 2011)
    African nations have rich oral traditions that are often perceived to eclipse print culture. But a careful look reveals that among lower and upper primary teachers in Botswana, reading is important and valued—and that ...
  • Mukhopadhyay, S.; Nenty, H.J.; Abosi, O. (SAGE,, June 14, 2012)
    Based on the findings of a qualitative case study, this article describes the experiences of key stakeholders about the inclusion of learners with disabilities in regular schools in the South Central Region of Botswana. ...
  • Moalosi, W.T.S. (IJSRE,, December, 2012)
    People in different cultures vary in their descriptions of their self-concept. These descriptions tend to be either individualistic or collectivist. Individualistic cultures preface independence and self-fulfillment, while ...


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