Show simple item record King, J G Ranganai, RT 2009-11-21T11:53:57Z 2009-11-21T11:53:57Z 2000
dc.identifier.citation King, J G. et al. (2000) Magnetic measurements as a proxy for car pollution in Gaborone. BOSHASTED 2000 Proceedings, pp.137-140 en_US
dc.description.abstract Emissions of vehicles represent a significant contribution to environmental pollution along roads. Pollutants from cars include gases such as (NOx, CO, CO2), solid components such as sort particles from exhaust system, abrasion products from the brakes and engine etc (Leven et al., 1999). Aerosols pollutants can reduce significantly the quality of the environment and seriously affect human health e.g. by contributing to high rates of allergies or diseases of the respiratory system. In this study, samples were collected at various distances from a busy road, Gaborone-Tlokweng road near Game store. Non-magnetic adhesive paper pieces were used as sample collectors. Magnetic properties of the aerosols collected were measured using a highly sensitive magnetometer (AGM-Micromag). Magnetic properties measured include total magnetic moment, hysteresis loops and associated parameters such as coercivity. In general, observed hysteresis loops are typical for magnetite. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher BOSHASTED en_US
dc.subject Magnetic measurements en_US
dc.subject Magnetic properties en_US
dc.subject Aerosols pollutants en_US
dc.subject Car pollution en_US
dc.subject Gaborone en_US
dc.subject Tlokweng en_US
dc.title Magnetic measurements as a proxy for car pollution in Gaborone en_US
dc.type Conference/Seminar Paper en_US

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