Show simple item record Matsheka, M.I. Lastovica, A.J. Elisha, B.G. 2009-04-21T10:36:39Z 2009-04-21T10:36:39Z 2001
dc.identifier.citation Matsheka, M.I et al (2001) Molecular Identification of Campylobacter concisus, Journal of Clinical Microbiology, vol. 39 (10), pp. 3684–3689 en
dc.identifier.issn 0095-1137
dc.description.abstract A 1.6-kb DNA fragment isolated from a Campylobacter concisus genomic library gave C. concisus-specific restriction fragment length patterns when it was used as a probe in hybridization studies. All of the strains tested, including type strains and clinical isolates, contained a 0.5-kb HindIII fragment that hybridized to the probe. DNA sequencing of the 1.6-kb fragment identified three open reading frames (ORFs). One of the ORFs encodes the carboxy terminus of GyrB, and the translational products of ORF2 and ORF3 showed similarity to hypothetical proteins, previously identified in Campylobacter jejuni. DNA-DNA hybridization studies with a fragment internal to ORF3 showed that this sequence was responsible for the signal observed with the 0.5-kb HindIII fragment. A rapid PCR assay was developed and evaluated. Primers that annealed to the extremities of the 1.6-kb fragment were used to obtain an amplicon of the correct size from both reference and clinical strains of C. concisus. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher American Society for Microbiology. en
dc.subject Campylobacter concisus en
dc.subject DNA sequencing en
dc.subject PCR assay en
dc.title Molecular Identification of Campylobacter concisus en
dc.type Published Article en

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