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  • McFarland, D.M. (International Council of Nurses., December, 2009)
    Background: Cervical cancer is the most common cause of cancer mortality and morbidity for women in Botswana. Yet, little is known about what women believe to be the causes of the disease. Aim: This paper presents data on ...
  • Sabone, M.B. (Sage Publications,, 2008)
    This report is part of a larger study that investigated the relationships between illness demands, marital support, and psychological adjustment in the context of diabetes mellitus in rural and urban middle-aged marital ...
  • Thupayagale-Tshweneagae, G.; Seloilwe, E.S. (Informa Healthcare,, 2010)
    A Heideggerian hermeneutic phenomenological approach was used to investigate the lived experience of women in Botswana who had experienced emotional abuse in intimate relationships. Hermeneutic phenomenologyis concerned ...
  • Mogobe, K.D.; Seboni, N.; Brown, M.S.; Ntsayagae, E.; Sebego, M.; Sabone, M. (Elsevier Ltd,, 2007)
    This article represents a case study of one university faculty’s efforts to fight the threat of HIV/AIDS to their student body. This case study reviews the early stages of faculty endeavors beginning with the development ...
  • Nthomang, K.; Phaladze, N.; Oagile, N.; Ngwenya, B.; Seboni, N.; Gobotswang, K.; Kubanji, R. (Taylor & Francis,, 2009)
    HIV-related stigma is a life-altering phenomenon. The consequence of the stigmatization process sets apart stigmatized person(s) as a distinct category, leading to various forms of disapproval, rejection, exclusion, labeling, ...


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