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  • Kuete, V.; Metuno, R.; Ngameni, B.; Ngandeu, F.; Bezabih, M.; Etoa, F-X.; Ngadjui, B.; Abegaz, B.; Beng, V. (Elsevier Ltd., 2007)
    The crude methanolic extracts from Treculia africana and Treculia acuminata, three compounds isolated from T. africana and identified as, Phyllocoumarin (1), Catechin (2) and 6, 9-dihydroxy-megastigmane-3-one (3), four ...
  • Kuete, V.; Metuno, R.; Ngameni, B.; Tsafack, A.M.; Ngandeu, F.; Fotso, G.W.; Bezabih, M.; Etoa, F.; Ngadjui, B.T.; Abegaz, B.M.; Penlap, B.V. (Elsevier Ireland Ltd., 2007)
    The crude extract from Treculia obovoidea was subjected to purification by repeated chromatography. Eight compounds were isolated from Treculia obovoidea and identified as Psoralen (1), Bergapten (2), 7-methoxycoumarin ...
  • Metuno, R.; Ngandeu, F.; Tchinda, A.T.; Ngameni, B.; Kapche, G.D.W.F.; Djemgou, P.C.; Ngadjui, B.T.; Bezabih, M.; Abegaz, B.M. (Elsevier Ltd., 2007)
    Three species of the genus Treculia namely, Treculia acuminata Baill., Treculia africana Decne ex. Treà ´cul and Treculia obovoidea N.E.Br. grow in the humid rain forest of southwest Cameroon. They are also widely ...
  • Ngandeu, F.; Bezabih, M.; Ngamga, D.; Tchinda, A.; Ngadjui, B.; Abegaz, B.; Dufat, H.; Tillequin, F. (Elsevier Ltd., 2007)
    Three prenylated rotenoids, elliptol, 12-deoxo-12a-methoxyelliptone and 6-methoxy-6a,12a-dehydrodeguelin were isolated from the twigs of Millettia duchesnei, together with the known compounds, 6a,12a-dehydrodeguelin, ...


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