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  • Ngadjui, B.T.; Abegaz, B.M.; Keumedjio, F.; Folefoc, G.N.; Kapchec, G.W.F. (Elsevier Science Ltd., 2002)
    Three clerodane diterpenoids, crotozambefurans A, B and C were isolated from the stem bark of Croton zambesicus together with the known clerodane crotocorylifuran and two trachylobanes: 7b-acetoxytrachyloban-18-oic acid ...
  • Abegaz, B.M.; Ngadjui, B.T.; Folefoc, G.N.; Fotso, S.; Ambassa, P.; Bezabih, M.; Dongo, E.; Rise, F.; Petersen, D. (Elsevier Ltd., 2003)
    A monoprenylated flavan and two monoterpenoid substituted furanocoumarins were isolated from the twigs of Dorstenia elliptica along with 3-(3,3-dimethylallyl)-4,20,40-trihydroxylchalcone, psoralen, bergapten, O-[3-(2,2- ...


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