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  • Kari, Ethelbert Emmanuel (West African Linguistic Society; www.westafricanlinguisticssociety.org, 2015)
    This paper reanalyzes so-called second position clitics in Degema as verb-adjacent clitics. The reanalysis is based on the observation that these clitics cannot be separated from the verb by intervening elements. Kari ...
  • Kari, Ethelbert E. (Linguistics Association of SADC Universities, April, 2015)
    This paper discusses parasynthesis, also known as circumfixation, in Degema. It highlights the fact that circumfixes are controversial not only because of the possibility to analyze them as discontinuous units consisting ...
  • Kari, Ethelbert Emmanuel; Mogara, Budzani (University of Botswana http://www.ub.bw, 2014)
    This paper aims at establishing and discussing the strategies for naming tourist sites in the languages of Botswana using a descriptive approach. In addition, the paper attempts a classification of these tourist sites in ...
  • van Waarden, Catrien; Mosothwane, Morongwa N. (South African Archaeological Society, http://www.archaeologysa.co.za, 2013)
    We report on a rare northern Leopard's Kopje grave in Botswana of a male from a small settlement, who, nonetheless, was buried with nine pots and many trade beads. The set of whole and decorated pots with traces of the ...
  • Mosothwane, Morongwa N. (Botswana Society, http://www.botsoc.org.bw, 2011)
    The wide spread presence of Late Stone Age (LSA) and Early Iron Age (EIA) communities such as at the Tsodilo Hills, Matlapaneng, Serondela, Qogana, and other sites have been documented in Ngamiland, nofthwestetn Botswana ...


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