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  • Pansiri, O.N.; Bulawa, P. (Canadian Center of Science and Education, http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/ies, March, 2013)
    The idea of involving parents in the school system is universal and as old as the history and philosophy of education itself. This study investigated the public school headteachers’ experiences and perceptions about the ...
  • Maruapula, S.D.; Motlhoiwa, K.; Shaibu, S.; Wrotniak, B.H.; Jackson, J.; Compher, C.W. (JO, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1286/, February, 2013)
    The purpose of this study was to examine linkages between obesity, physical activity, and body image dissatisfaction, with consideration of socioeconomic status (SES) and urbanization in adolescents in Botswana. Materials ...
  • Mosothwane, M. (IJSRE, http://www.ijsre.com, December, 2013)
    This paper identifies changes that occurred in Botswana Science Education. The paper indicates that Botswana follows a centralized system of curriculum development and this approach facilitates the implementation of new ...
  • Mafela, L.; Maundeni, T.; Mookodi, G. (African Journals Online, http://www.ajol.info/index.php/jsda/index, January, 2011)
    An introduction is presented in which the editor discusses, key issues related to Botswana's socio-economic development policies and practices including the importance of cultural heritage, the concept of national dress ...
  • Jotia, A.L. (David Publishing Company, http://www.davidpublishing.com, July, 2011)
    This paper addresses the fact that although globalization cannot be resisted by the nation-state, it is often confronted by mixed reactions from both the GN (Global North) and the GS(Global South). The essay charges that ...


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